Werens (Ramon Puig)
The creator Ramon Puig (1967, Barcelona), a.k.a Werens, has been actively involved in national and international artistic circles for more than 30 years, mainly due to his dedication to the world of Urban Art. During this time he has generally focussed his attention on graffiti, despite the fact that he has, as you might expect, been associated with wall painting. Throughout this period he has also worked in other fields such as illustration, graphic design and audio-visual projections.
According to Werens, graffiti painting is the best way of bringing art to everyone, in collaborating with the idea of making the world a more agreeable place, and trying to offset the absurd thoughts of those who prefer grey, empty and lifeless cities.
Werens is a firm believer in the fact that by introducing graffiti to galleries a new groundswell of possibilities could be generated in contemporary art, enriching it with a new language and a new vision of the current world.

Right now it is possible to find Werens's newest creations in European art galleries. He experiments with new themes, new techniques and new concepts, which are reflected in the presentation of the works of art of a forerunning street artist of his genre. In his works the mixture of forms and textures that express frantic rhythms are highlighted using illuminated fluorescent colours and ultraviolet light. On the whole his creations are a spectacular and astounding visual experience.

His paintings are well advanced and in line with the philosophy of ImpaktesVisuals, which is an Urban Art gallery located in Barcelona, with an artistic intensity that can be compared to other European capitals, which are at the forefront of the latest trends.
Werens in action
Expo Werens Art Urbà
Museu d'Art de Sabadell
Expo Dinamo
Impaktesvisuals Sabadell, Barcelona
Works & Canvasss!
The last works in & out & Exhibition collections.
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Education & Training:

Curs de Veejing Sabadell (Barcelona)
Imatge Digital en Directe. Estruch, 1997

Curs de Noves Tecnologies (Barcelona)
(Internet, Realitat Virtual, Interactius, Quick Time Movies i Video) amb:
Toni Abad, Roc Parés, Eugeni Bonet i Daniel Julià La Nau, 1997

Curs de Packaging del Fons Social Europeu (Sabadell)
Packaging design 1994

Middlesex Polytechnic (London)
Ilustration &"Quantel" (Paintbox). 1994

London College of Printing (London)
Tipography. 1993

Escola Massana (Barcelona)
Graphic design. from 1987 to 1992


Book Florsss!
Editorial ImpaktesVisuals
128 pages , distribution MontanaColors
Languages: Català, Castellà, Anglès i Arab

Catalog Exhibition Werens Art Urbà
Singulars propis

96 pages.
Languages: Català, Anglès / 2016

Duiem la carta
Editorial SBD Centre
KidsBook 24 pag
Catalan text: Antoni Dalmases


July 2016 Organique
Galerie Miliou.Cat Céret (France)

December 2015 Bikes
Venus (Barri Gotic) Barcelona

September 2015 / february 2016 WerensArt Urbà
Exposició retrospectiva
Museu d'Art de Sabadell

April 2015 Werens BIGGER Exposició de gran format
Sala d'exposicions Hospital Taulí Sabadell

April 2015 ExpoWerens+ Instal·lacíó Kill yourTV
Galeria HC (St. Pere de Riudebitlles)
Galeria Satan (St. Pere de Riudebitlles)

December 2014 SKETCH
Galeria Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell)

September 2014 Acció(Esboços)
Galeria Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell)

June 2014 DronAttack
Galeria Der Kegel Space, Kreuzberg (Berlín)

Febreuary 2014 DronAtac by Werens
PastaGallery Barcelona

December 2013 DronAtac
ImpaktesvisualsGallery (Barcelona)

November 2013 FluorYellowJackets
Venus (Barri Gotic) Barcelona

Setember 2013 OrganicAttack
London West Bank Gallery Notting Hill London

February 2013 SnowHeads
BBArtGallery (BaqueiraBeret, Pirinees)

September 2012 Wild Flowers
MontanaGallery Barcelona Spain

2012 TerminalCircus Collectiv exhibition
Tabernacle -London England
ImpaktesVisuals - Sabadell Spain
Chateau Corbin - Liverdun France

Aprill 2012 Refugees Collectiv exhibition
Sozialkasse des berliner baugewerbes Berlin Germany

December 2011 & January 2012 HomoTecnologicus
Impaktesvisuals Gallery(Sabadell)

June 2011 WerensTV3 Serie Kubala
Plató TV3 Productora Sant Just, Barcelona

Mai 2011 OhForDogSake
Gallery Naka Contemporany Art, Bali, Indonesia

December 2010 & January 2011 WerensAgain!
Impaktesvisuals Gallery(Sabadell)

November & December 2010 Trifasik
CastellanaSportsClubSpace, Atocha MADRID (Spain)

September 2010 ForgottenBarProject

August 2010 We bring Sun
TagGallerie Bruxelles,

July 2010 Graffiti SBD
Sala d'Art Casal Pere IV, Catalonia.

March 2010 Natura
La Guina, Vallgorguina (Montseny).

2009/ January 2010 Florsss
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2009 Art Market Estripa`m
Sala d'Art Estripa'm (Sabadell)

2009 WerensExhibition
Gallery GHECO Roma (Italia).

2008 / 2009 Emmascarades
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2008 Face to Face
Gallery Le Tele Tolte (Italia).

2008 Face to Face
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

SleepingCats (Eivissa).

2008 Kill your TV
Sala Ca la Pastora (Castellar del Vallès)

2008 Exhibition from Street to the Gallery
Sala Martinet (Ripollet).

2007 Caktus (Colectiva)
Sala Industrial (Sabadell).

2007-2008 Yellow Jacket
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2007 Dinamo+ LivePaintingShow
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2007 Expo DJ's+ LivePaintingShow
La agradecida (Barcelona) SONART

2006-2007 Orgànic
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2005-2006 Futur i Procés
Belles Arts col.lectiva (Sabadell).

2005-2006 Expo DJ's
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).
El Nido de la libelula (Sabadell).

2004-2005 Expoflors
Impaktesvisuals (Sabadell).

2002-2003 Live Painting Show.
Gira per tot l'estat Espanyol. (28 ciutats)

2001 Materia Gris Instalation.
Moog, (Barcelona)

1999 Vichy Interactive instalation.
Moog, (Barcelona)

1998 Arte Dry
1a Trobada d'art Contemporaní i Ciutat en Viu (itinarant)
A Corunya, Bilbo, Barcelona, Marsella, Valencia, sevilla, Madrid.

1997-1998 Expo-Sed. Monografia sobre la Sed,
Andy Cap, (Barcelona).
Aroma, (Sabadell).
Ultimo Tren, (Cerdanyola del Vallès).

1997 New Art. Mural
Hotel Majestic. Barcelona Associació Art Barcelona (Barcelona)

1997 Weren's Demo.
Mostra Audiovisual amb projeccions mòbils i murals amb llum negre.
Taller n.1 de La Nau (Sabadell).

1997 Skarbacions. UrbanWorks exhibition
Sala Nova 3 (Sabadell).
Manduca (Sabadell).

1996 Expo-gana. Monografia sobre la gana,
Sala Nova 3 (Sabadell).
Sofà (Sant Quirze del Vallès).

1995 Exhibition VII Saló d'estiu d'obra sobre paper
Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc (Barcelona).

1995 Exhibition d'infografies Error de Sistema
Sala Nova 3 (Sabadell).

1992 Exhibition IUK Graffiti Crew
Sala d'art Negre (Sabadell).

1991 Exhibition Big Size Ilustration
Centre d'art COOL TAN (Brixton) London.

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