WerensAgain! (Catalonia)


When everything was censored, the images are worth a thousand words, this exhibition is a tribute to 3-year project florsss! completely destroyed by the city of Sabadell, the project has finally been chosen to perform in the city chosen as the Cultural Capital of 2011 "Cordoba", a time for the culture department of Sabadell, the city has ignored, and knowingly destroyed a flower behind flower, the whole project ...

The works on iron plates are installed at a certain distance to create shadows and volume. (fotos:Loraki)
5 minuts before the Opening. (fotos:Loraki)
Action (fotos by Almudenaphoto).
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VIDEO WerensAgain (by Fausto)
PHOTOS Inauguració (by Carlos Raurich)
Contactar amb Werens (Ramon Puig)