Expo Oh For Dog's Sake! (BALI)


Ambitious project on brewing

100 artists will customize 100 hearts on canvases to be exhibited together. Entire sales will be donated to help Bali’s animal rescue organizations to help them protect the street dogs from imminent danger, due to sickness or injury.
Naka is an environment that provokes the imagination and ingenious spirit of our era through celebration of arts.
For centuries Bali has been a home for a diverse collective of resident and multinational artists drawn from different corners of the world, inspired and tempered by Bali and its extraordinary universal "artmosphere."


Bali has always been on the forefront of popular culture in art and design. It is clearly making its mark on the map as a hub for cutting edge, international, creative individuals.
Our vision is to empower a multicultural group of artists to enthuse and engage the local and global community, manifesting a more expansive and inclusive perception of the reality that we live in - exchanging ideas in a dialogue of contemporary practices in varied artistic fields utilizing traditional and modern expressions and medias.
We will explore alternative ways to embrace the new convergence of art, music, performance, film and design, to be relevant and reflective of this Bali has many street dogs that are often subjected to the most horrendous cruelty. Several animal rescue organizations do struggle to accommodate them all. Our aim is to raise funds for these organizations, to help them protect these poor canines from imminent danger, due to sickness or injury.
Our aim is to raise funds for animal rescue organizations, to help them protect poor canines from imminent danger, due to sickness or injury.
Naka’s commitment is to give the best support possible for the positive change in the community. Working together with BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association), BARC (Bali Animal Rescue) and Yudhistira Swara, we offer a medium to all gifted and generous artists/gallery to give their support to help broaden the reach and scope of animal rescue organizations programming.


On September 2010 the Bali government has signed an agreement to work with three animal rescue organizations to conduct a mass vaccination campaign to inoculate nearly 400.000 dogs against rabies. The program has planned to be finished by the end of March 2011.
Oh, for DOG’s Sake! of Naka will be the celebration of those groups who work tirelessly for the cause. Naka is inviting established/emerging artists from every corner of Indonesia to create unique, same-sized artworks of canines. The 100 artworks will be exhibited together at Naka Contemporary Art and several supporting galleries from April 4th to May 20th to raise money (entire sales will be donated) and awareness for three local animal rescue.

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