Expo DronAttack


The works that make up the new expo again Werens affect hybridization between elements desperately alive , sprouting from the cracks in the cement city, inert and mechanical stress , so familiar in our city long industrial tradition .
Like a swarm of wasps and disposed robot , a product of the mind has grown sick of human drones in Werens plan of the city tireless search for registered offenders and those highlighted . In another example of this civilization that we went crazy hands, this army of wasps drones becomes a tool , although very effective in the hands of the apparatus of power that controls us from the big bunker .
It seems as if Werens opts this time for his work leading his executioner , as if this artistic expression of his own experience took the immediate future citizen center, a dark and cloudy morning that he already does time guesses . Fortunately, the vegetation continues gaining prominence hard on his paintings shows that nature has not inevitably lost the battle.

Contact: Werens (Ramon Puig)