OrganicAtac i DronAtac
The works that make up the new expo again Werens affect hybridization between elements desperately alive, sprouting from the cracks in the cement city, inert and mechanical stress, so familiar in our cities long industrial tradition .Like a swarm of wasps and disposed robot, a product of the mind has grown sick of human drones in Werens plan of the city
Werens plant creates a scenario not without artistic beauty, where graffiti artists take the form of small swarms of wasps sting relentlessly dedicated to the entrenched social conventions. While insects come to be the most vindictive of his work, the lush plants Werens, with its vigorous appearance and dynamism, show their idea of city, alive and ever-evolving.
22 small format portraits of urban characters realised with pencil of colour and acrilics on wallpaper recovered from small ancient shop to the square of the million of Venice...
Paint Works & limited edition silkscreen,
Opening exhibition Flowersss! by Werens. Urban Art Project 2007-2009
Series of nine squares of 60 x 60 cm.
The masked the irony Werens we portray ourselves as we live in, hidden, masked strangers to beauty and the exuberance that gives us life ...
Large canvases whose subject the cartoon, the characters, faces ...
The style of Werens already know, but this new collection goes back over the beginning, showing a more illustrative, more clean, without hints, all worked with spray guns, away from it organic which until now was employing.
The new style in Werens, enèrgenics more dynamic than ever!
The mixture of shapes and texture express the frenetic rhythms of music, with fluorescent colors illuminated by ultraviolet light ...
Yellow Jacket
We can break us inventing a thousand horns and magical devices and mechanisms that make us feel powerful and infallible. Not the best technologically adorned humans evolved can be compared to the armies of evil creatures and insects that are considered less surrounded by air, sea and land. Where is the superiority?
This is a permanent exhibition from the series in December 2007 to local Faktoria Arts.
Exhibition of paintings on musical brushstrokes become musical notes and rhythms.
Series of paintings in a style reminiscent of comic for its expressiveness, yet if we stop to observe the small details, textures, reliefs, the colors, we realize that behind every picture there was a reflexive process based devised to convey as a kind of music ...
Series of works on the lines of the bulky acríclic, which define the area where plants grow, accompanied by blurred lines of the airbrush to paint the leaves, the two lines create a lush and pleasant.
Collection of Short Works acrylic.
Smells, colors, sensations ... all this and more takes the unique recreation of the new botanical paintings
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