Street flowers: Doors
Doors boarded up, gagged houses, buildings silenced. The life at other times they boiled in melted a good day as the light of sun goes out every evening. Stories of life whose memory remains inside these walls shelved. Testimonials from many stocks and events, each of these decaying walls today was the setting for stories of love and nightmare. Ordinary lives, children grew, they fell in love young and old who died within these walls. Through its doors penetrated and slipped fortune penalties. Today these houses have been abandoned. One day as another anyone, its inhabitants left them nostalgic about, hopefully the other, forced or by wanting. They closed the door last time after a heavy sigh. Slowly, the silence was taking over the space, the quiet of the rooms, the immobility of closures. The air was thinning and energy stagnated. Thus, in the silence of the abandoned home and over time, the remains of life became diluted in a vague and distant memory.
Buildings that have been marginalized for its function disabled host. The doors torn by violence have given way to sordid brick walls. The house is dying patient, knowing the inevitable and announced end. I, nevertheless, life refuses to be left overcome. I now, their foundation has emerged humiliated a flower. A flower that gives life where there are only memories.
A defiant and jubilant flower as a last tribute. Como la flor of agave, proud and powerful, rising into a shout of glory before his death. An ephemeral flower crying in a final act of claim. A modest flower army faces the Case dehumanizing capital. Beauty and art against the speculation and annihilation.
Ephemeral art to a dying city for a city sentenced to depersonalization and uniformity.
A flower that is both a farewell gift for the extinction of the free creativity and a plea for freedom of expression. A flower, finally, is none other than the representation of nature and excised from our streets but a flower, even a small gap of cement, will drive to cry that where there art artists sprout.

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