Bike vice
Impaktes Visuals Gallery (Sabadell) - Der Kegel (Berlin)
January 2017 - January 2018

The bicycle, the medium of transport healthier, sustainable, ecological and economic of the existent, has become the new icon of at Werens. As the modernist Catalans of The Four Cats substituted the tàndem for the car, taking this like symbol of the new times, the catalan artist, acording also with his epoch, restarts the bicycle and makes of this the banner of the ongoing moment. But this is a banner bound by force at a claim, at a demand of the populace that no longer can continue being drowned, the lane bike that make certain the circulation and facilitate the nice coexistence with the pedestrians. And Werens, always at his line, quit but pungent and persistent, makes echo.

After his personal flowers been born of the depths of the asphalt, now is an army of bicycles what arises of his hand, without a lot excitement but without truce, of the murs of our cities.

A crowd of bicicles prototypes, bicycles, monocicles, tàndems and tricycles remain immobile and solitaires, waiting of a human that the embezzle of the state of community lethargy at what find . Agile and accessible, these wits cry us at setting up us, at letting us take for his wheels, at launching us at a career upwind, a career that will be calm or swift, hurry or of walk, ponderous or light, underneath of the trees or for streets calm, under the rain or under of a starry sky, but an essential career and definitively liberating.

And like this, backed at a wall, expect the bicycles of at Werens, patients and peaceful, never agree but optimists, no only that person that the rescue of his spell and the return at the life, but also, and especially, the day that the city count finally with them.