Werens Urban Art
Retrospective Exhibition
Museu d'Art de Sabadell
September 2015 / February 2016

A retrospective of the work of one of the pioneers of graffiti in Sabadell: Werens – Ramon Puig. The Sabadell Art Museum is dedicating the exhibition Singulars Propis this year to this Sabadell artist who has been filling the streets of our city with colour and controversy for nearly three decades. The artist, who qualified at La Massana and the London College of Printing, was right there when the European graffiti movement took place, a graffiti swell that was unrelated to the one, which started off in the USA.

The exhibition, which aims to show the artistic evolution of Werens, is composed of eight collections of paintings and a wide assortment of his graffiti, one of which has been done in this very museum. His artwork is spread on numerous urban walls far and wide. Places as diverse as Marrakech, Venice, Berlin, Mumbai, New York, London, Lisbon and many others have seen his flowers sprout from the cracks in the pavement. But the truth is that what emerges from Werens’ graffiti goes beyond aesthetics, protest and vindication.
Paradoxically, today we present an exhibition where transience is evident in most of his street work, because for more than two decades his graffiti has been systematically removed, covered, obliterated and ultimately censored. Today we are delighted that this form of contempt for Street Art has been reversed and the doors of the Museum are open to it.

The exhibition was visited for more than de 20.000 visitors.

Fotos: Albert Miralles